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Sebastian Tontsch is a respected architecture and Interiors photographer, Co-Founder of Blowfish Media in Dubai, and owner of Sebastian Tontsch Photography.

Born in Schwaebisch Gmuend in the south of Germany, he grew up in the beautiful German countryside in a small village where he learned to appreciate nature and the elements. As a youngster he was taught by his father about the star constellations in the night sky, and it was then that he developed his passion for astro photography.

Landscape photography was his first professional field, and cityscape developed later when he moved to the spectacular city of Dubai in 2013. Photographing Dubai – with its density of skyscrapers and city lights – became something of an addiction, and he is now well-known for his breathtaking captures of the emirate.

Sebastian likes to use the skills and visual rules of interiors and architecture photography in his cityscapes to give them the cleanest and most symmetrical look possible. Digital image editing plays a big role in today’s photography, but it is important to him to keep pictures real. Dynamic blending is part of his skillset, but replacing skies or elements in pictures is a tool he strictly only uses in architecture and interiors.

Featured by several luxury real estate publications, international newspapers such as The Telegraph in the UK, and magazines such as National Geographic, Sebastian has become well-known across the globe.


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